Sire Marcus Miller Basses

I went to Andertons music store (, to check out the new in-stock Sire Marcus Miller bass series. On my visit, I tried the Sire Marcus Miller V7 bass guitar 5ST (Ash) natural colour, as well as the P7 bass guitar (4ST) in the swamp ash tobacco sunburst colour, and finally  the V9 4ST (ash). The initial impression I got from these basses, was that they were extremely well set up and were a very ‘perfect’ instrument. As a 4 string player, I had no trouble flying around the neck on the V7 5 string and the low B sounded crazy. Furthermore, the preamp sounded ‘fresh’ and very natural. These basses, aimed at beginners, would be entirely suited, as they are so easy to play. Therefore, for the price, these bass guitars are definitely the best out there, so go check them out. You can find all the models @