JamMan Looper

The JamMan looper is a very useful pedal, particularly when creating songs as you can overdub your own playing with new riffs, chordal pattens or harmonies etc. I also use this device a lot when practising scales as you can voice a chord, loop it and then solo over the top. 

There are many inputs and outputs on the back of the JamMan, allowing you to use it with virtually any instrument, whether through a microphone or direct in. I plug my bass in the input and then can send it straight to my amp. 

There is a built in set of drum loops which covers a few styles for getting your loops going and in-time. An orange light comes on next to where it says overdub, on the main display panel, this helps you keep track of when you have multiple loops on at the same time. There is also other options such as the store button which allows you to store up to 99 sessions on the JamMan, plus the option to add an SD card into the device to allow another 99 sessions which can then be put onto a computer. There is also a fade out button for the end of your song and even a reverse option too! 

The LED lights will blink the beats in your project once you have chosen your tempo (on beat one, there is a different colour). You can select old projects from the lit display, located in the central position at the top of the device.

I would highly recommend this to anybody thinking of buying a looper as it is well built and easy to use. I also use this pedal with a POG (see POG review at the top). As a bass player I can then play guitar and bass parts and loop them to create new and versatile sounds.