POG (Octave Pedal) with Bass

I have been using a POG for 6 months now and find it a very useful pedal. It comes in a lightweight but sturdy metal shell and is topped with a bright red cover, displaying the dials and the POG logo. The POG allows you to mix your dry signal with sub octave, octave up, or any other combination you might want to use, whether it involves the dry signal or not. There is an input for your jack lead from your bass/guitar to plug into on the right side of the box and an effect out and dry out on the left side of the box. Another good thing about this pedal, is that comes with a 9V power supply, which many pedals do not.

To hear the sub-octave at 12 o’clock mixed with the Dry signal at 2 o’clock, watch the video below.

I find the Octave Up dial turned to 2 o’clock gives me a nice guitar sound and I often use this effect during recording sessions, as it is ideal for playing chords on the bass. Also the Sub Octave mixed evenly at 2’oclock with the dry signal adds growl and a smooth fattened bass tone to the mix. This setting also sounds awesome at live gigs and the power allows you to really be heard under the other instruments. 

I mainly play a jazz bass, which sounds really good with the POG, but have recently found that the precision bass and the POG go really well together too, especially on the upper octave.